I love playing Ping-Pong

Table tennis is my sport! I started playing when I was 8, I didn’t really have much choice… my mom had to practice and lacking a babysitter she would take me with her. Table tennis was very easy for me…as they say I was a great talent and as most talents I hated to practice..but I was still winning!!! That became old very fast, so I had to get used to working hard in order to get good results. I played for about 7 years, became a Greek Champion a few times…more times than I would like, I landed on  second and third places. I participated in the National Team and then I just had enough of table tennis and I quit…I was a TEENAGER , I dont have to say more than that.    Around 18 years old I won a beauty competition of Miss Young Greece and I got into the world of modeling.I started traveling around the world working as a model.In 2000 I decided to base myself in New York. There, between auditions and photo shoots I started thinking about table tennis again…..Found a club and started playing again.OMG was I playing bad. I had forgotten everything I knew, I had to start from scratch. A year later my rating was getting better and I was back on track!

Now, I am based in Miami and I play regularly at the BTTC . I am the face of  PongUniverse an amazing social network site about everything table tennis. Since 2014, I have partnered with Ping Pong for Charity a non-profit organization, by becoming an ambassador to their cause.

My style is offensive play, relatively close to the table. My blade is Timo Boll Spirit ST with Tenergy 05 2.1 on FH and Tenergy 05 FX 2.1 on BH.

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